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Please take the time to view some of my happy customers for an idea of my dog grooming service.


Fantastic !!

"I will not be going anywhere else I have finally found the right groomer for my Golden Retriever and Springer I have been to several groomers over the years and was never completely happy. Donna is not only an excellent groomer but genuinely cared about my dogs and allowed them time to settle in before starting to groom them.

Betty my Golden Retriever looked, smelled and felt fantastic and was acting like a young pup again she was so happy, my Spaniel Tizzy was groomed exactly as I asked not a hair out of place and smelt gorgeous for days after. I am highly recommending Donna at Little wolves dog groomers to all my friends."

Richard 11/12/2013

Lovely lady

"I want to recommend little wolves dog groomers I had not had my Shih tzu groomed for ages she is very timid and had a very bad experience with another groomer and I was scared to have her groomed again, a friend told me to try little wolves Donna did not judge me for the terrible state she was in and made me feel a lot less guilty about it. she did a great job and I am very grateful to her and have made another appointment for 8 weeks time."

Mrs M 29/3/2014

Best groomer

" My 3 year old Westie was terrified of having his nails cut he would growl and squeal fling his self about and try to bite who ever tried to do them. After another expensive visit to the vets to have them done my neighbour gave me little wolves number I phoned Donna and booked him in for a groom I told her about it and she gave me some great advice a few grooms down the line and he is absolutely fine something I never thought would be possible he trusts Donna completely and loves her to bits" I highly recommend Donna at Little Wolves

Mrs Salter 7/5/14

Thank you Donna

"We found donna a few years ago when our Westie was 8, over the years she not only groomed her to beautifully she also alerted us to illnesses and gave us excellent training tips. Sadly at the ripe old age of 15 our beloved dog Dolly past away. We will always remember how kind donna was and how much Dolly loved her We highly recommend Donna the dog groomer 4/6/14"

Julie & Ian xx

Amazing transformation

"We've been going to little wolves for 2 years now my 6 year Shih Tzu is a cantankerous old so and so ! nobody has ever been able to tidy around his eyes and feet properly before but Donna is amazing, he`s always hated being groomed in the past but now he drags me down the path and scratches at the door until Donna lets him in ! He trusts her completely and always looks and smells amazing ! Thank you Donna for looking after my little wolf I would highly recommend this dog whisperer groomer ( I`m not sure what Donna whispers to him but it works )"

S Miller 9 Dec 2014

"Our little Cyprus Poodle/ Terrier has visited Donna regularly during the past two years for a wash and to be clipped. We are always met with a smile and time is taken to settle our 'Maisie' before her grooming is started. We highly recommend Little Wolves to anyone who is looking for a caring, efficient groomer. Our Maisie always greets Donna with excitement and her tail is still wagging when we collect, what more can we say" -


"I have a very sweet but nervous Yorkie cross, and she loves going to see Donna for her grooming sessions. She pulls me down the street, sticking her nose down every path until she gets to the grooming room. She clearly adores Donna, and I have no doubt that my dog is well looked after at Little Wolves. When I go to pick my dog back up she is always groomed to the standard I have come to expect. My dog is pleased to see me but in no hurry to leave, I would recommend this groomers to anyone." -

Willows Mum

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Our services include bathing, hand drying, clipping ,styling, bath & tidy, matt removal, top & tails, ear cleaning, ear hair removal, nail trimming and more...

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